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This page gives you an overview or summary of the many Content Features available on The Virtual Front Porch.


VFP Articles

  • Articles can be used for date-specific news and announcements.
    • You can configure articles to:
      • automatically publish and expire at specific times
      • require that submissions be approved before becoming "live."
  • In addition to categories and tags, articles include their own unique classification system of Topics and Types.

Official Tiki documentation


VFP Calendars

  • Events calendar with public, private and group channels

  • User-submitted Web links

Official Tiki documentation

VFP File Gallaries

  • Computer files, images, videos or software
    • for downloading or inserting in pages
      • With check-in & check-out (lock)


VFP Forums

  • Forums are online discussions organized by topic (or thread).
    • Tiki forums feature
      • threaded or flat views,
      • file attachments,
      • moderation and queuing,
      • monitoring (subscription) of particular forums or topics,
      • and full usage of wiki syntax.

Official Tiki documentation

Kaltura Video (NOT implemented here, yet...)

  • Video management

Official Tiki documentation


VFP Maps

  • Navigable, interactive

Official Tiki documentation

My Account

VFP My Account

  • Provide content organization and communication tools for registered users
    • Bookmark,
    • User Preferences,
    • Watch,
    • User Menu,
    • Task,
    • Inter-User Messages,
    • User Files,
    • Notepad and
    • Mini Calendar

Official Tiki documentation


  • Timed questionnaire with recorded scores

Official Tiki documentation


  • Questionnaire with multiple choice or open ended question
  • You can also setup surveys using Trackers



About Tiki - Trackers

  • Facts and figures storage & retrieval.
    • A forms & database generator, with reporting.
      • Can be used for a bug tracker, item database, issue tracker, etc

Official Tiki documentation


VFP Wiki

  • Collaboratively authored documents with history of changes.
    • Tiki's Wiki has all the features you could want from a first-rate wiki.
      • Ex.: attach files, comments, history, images, warn on edit, page locking, powerful wiki syntax, etc

Official Tiki documentation

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