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The Virtual Front Porch

To prevent spam, we require you to register to interact with this site.

  • Anonymous users only have viewing permissions.

You need to be a registered user to be able to contribute back. *Posting comments,

  • editing wiki pages,
  • voting in polls
  • ...

This prevents spammers from wrecking our knowledge base.

  • If you spam or don't play well with others
    • you and all your comments and edits will be deleted!

For a limited time, registering is totally free.

  • We would appreciate if you like the site you use the donate button on the top of the right column. Thanks!
    • At some point we will likely have to start charging.
      • Probably $1/year for individuals and $20/year if you are a business.
    • but for now it's free.
  • So, let's get started.


Recommended you right click and open this link in a new tab

  • so you can still read this.

Register link

You arrive to this page:

To register, complete the following fields on the screen:

Username: The Username is the nickname that will be used to identify you everywhere on the site, choose carefully. The Username is case-sensitive.
Passcode: The pascode is an image of random numbers that you must enter before registering. This passcode is designed to stop bots that attempt to automatically register users.
Password: Chose carefully a password here. It should be difficult enough so it cannot be guessed by others. While Tiki will store the password in an encrypted form that nobody can read, it is recommended not to chose the same pasword you use to login to your computer network, mail system, etc. The Password is case-sensitive.
Repeat password: Well, are you sure you have typed your password correclty? As the screen gets filled with ***, it is better to type it again just to make sure.
Email: Your e-mail is required because it ensures the site has a way to contact you.
Generate a password: If you don't have a clue on which password to use, click on generate a password and the sytem will create a password for you and write it in the fields "password" and "repeat password". Note it down!

There are additional fields to fill out.

  • At the very least, please enter your ZIPcode.

When you have filled everything, click on the Register button. If everything is correct the system usually informs you that an e-mail has been sent to you to confirm your registration.

Check your e-mail. You must have received something like:

From: admin@jabi.com To: franck@nowhere.com Date: Oct 27, 2005 12:11 PM Subject: Your Tiki information registration (tikisite.com) Hi Franck, you or someone registered this email address at tikisite.com If you want to be a registered user in this site you will have to use the following link to login for the first time: http://tikisite.com/tiki/tiki-login_validate.php?user=Franck&pass=47c18ccf82e080b3d1d85298006be79e Enjoy the site!

Click on the link given in the e-mail, and you will be brought to the site and automatically logged in. This completes your registration. When you ave finished on the Tiki site you can logout but I suggest you take time now to fill up your Preferences under the ))MyTiki(( menu.


Locate the Login/Logout window. Top Right...
Enter your Username and Password and click on the button Login. You may also want also to select the Remember Me box. It will give a cookie to your browser so that the system remembers you for a whole year.

forgot my password

Well, it happens with so many passwords to remember. Click in the Login/Logout window on the link Forgot Password and the system will ask you your Tiki username.

  • The system will use the Username to look for your e-mail, generate a new password and e-mail to you some instructions on how to login.

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