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What all Smarties need to know about Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

The Tiki for Smarties guide does not cover everything there is to know about every Tiki feature.

  • This guide is intended for folks who are either new to Tiki as an administrator or new to wikis and CMS (content management system) products in general.
    • We hope to provide enough perspective and procedures to get you up and running with Tiki in a way that is quicker than if you had to figure out the software on your own with only the official documentation.

In his followup book Tiki Essentials you'll find

  • Rick Sapir's tips and tricks on how to really get the most out of Tiki
  • (and also how to give back and get involved with the Tiki Community).
    • with the input of the more than 460 contributors to date,
      • will help you take your Tiki beyond the basics and into the next level!

Personal Note about Rick Sapir

WizarDave wrote on 2017-11-17:

Rick Sapir is knowledgeable, having created the best tutorials for Tiki administrators wanting to get their Tiki site up and running quickly.

Rick can also be seen over on the tiki.org Forums.

  • He has personally responded to several my questions there.

Hats off to a valuable Tiki expert.

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