A Virtual Front Porch (wiki) to discuss features available on this web site. We use Tiki as the foundation for our collaborative open source common sense encyclopedia.
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Tiki is the platform this web site runs on.

It is an open source, collaborative Content Management System.

Combining all the best ideas of the web:

  • Wiki
    • We have around 4,000 pages of knowledge so far...
      • 4,001 once you become a member and create a page!
    • Kind of Like Wikipedia
      • But instead of quoting books, we let you share your knowledge.
    • Everyone's an expert at something.
      • Share your knowledge in a much more relaxed atmosphere.
    • Or share someone else's knowledge by sharing their youtube...
  • We are Fed Up With Facebook
    • Wiki pages are a better way to share with others
    • Pages for your hometown, county, state, country
      • Create swap shops, yellow pages, church pages...
      • Anything you want.
    • Pages about your family. (like Ancestry.com)
    • Pages about your hobbies
  • People used to sit around the front porch

The wiki portion of our site is the main part. It contains our vast open source encyclopedia of common sense.

  • Blogs (like WordPress)
    • Personal or Business
    • What's your passion?
      • Politics?
      • Your local hometown news?
      • Your family?
      • Your favorite parts of this site's wiki?

Blogs can work into our replacement for Facebook's timeline. Every person can have a blog to put personal type info they want to share with friends and family.

  • Articles (like Yahoo News)
    • Write an article
    • Show your:
      • expertise
      • creativity
      • bright ideas

  • Forums (like phpBB)
    • Toss around ideas with like minded people
  • Image Gallery (like Flickr)
  • Map Server (like Google Maps)
  • Link Directory (like DMOZ)

Forums is pretty basic. For now, it's best to just use a wiki page and comments.

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