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The Virtual Front Porch

Just Another Bright Idea

jabi = Just Another Bright Idea

Pronounced jab eye

NOTE: We have given up on Tiki and switching to Composr CMS software.
See the new site

http://MajorNews.com/ is using HumHub Social software
Crowdsourced News

http://JESUSaves.com/ is using an OLD version of Tiki.
We will be moving it to Composr CMS software.
http://composr.jesusaves.com/ is where we are rebuilding it.

Members have access to:

  • VFP Wiki
    • Like Wikipedia, but much more relaxed atmosphere.
  • VFP Blogs
    • Can be used like Facebook's wall
      • Everyone can have a blog.
  • VFP Forums
    • Discuss stuff
      • You can start groups to discuss anything
  • VFP File Galleries
    • FREE storage for your:
      • Pictures, manuals, Documents, ...
  • VFP Articles
  • Much More!!!


We need your help!

Areas on this site

We've combined 3 major sites and since added one

  • all use the same program with the same features.
    • As a member you get access to all the sites

Just Another Bright Idea
JESUSaves - OnLine Christian Community
MajorNews - Crowdsourced News
InfoWars Wiki - There's a war on for your mind

Find out more about our site

Tiki User Guide

  • What's available
    • How to's
      • ...


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