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  • A symbol used to express inductance.
    • The unit of measure is a "Henry".


  • Items to which a label, trademark, or other identifying mark of nationally recognized testing labs has been attached to identify the items as having been tested and meeting appropriate standards.

Lady Slippers

  • name applied to present day climbers by old-timers.


  • A high-speed data network that covers a relatively small geographic area.
    • It typically connects workstations, personal computers, printers, servers, and other devices.


  • The regular periodic arrangement of atoms or molecules in a crystal.


  • Light Emitting Diode

Leg Irons

  • climbers, hooks.

Lead Head

  1. nail
  2. pin with threaded lead top for porcelain insulators.


  • generator


  • hard hat.

Light-induced defects

  • Defects, such as dangling bonds, induced in an amorphous silicon semiconductor upon initial exposure to light.

Lightning Arresters

  • Lightning arresters are devices for protecting many different pieces of equipment such as, power poles and towers, power transformers, circuit breakers, bus structures, and steel superstructures, from damage from lightning strikes.

Light trapping

  • The trapping of light inside a semiconductor material by refracting and reflecting the light at critical angles; trapped light will travel further in the material, greatly increasing the probability of absorption and hence of producing charge carriers.

Light water

  • Ordinary water (H20) as distinct from heavy water.

Light water reactor

  • LWR
  • A common nuclear reactor cooled and usually moderated by ordinary water.


  • a groundman.

Line Gut

  • conductor cover.

Line Profile

  • scaled side view drawing of actual line for engineer’s review.


  • cloth glove liners or for hard hats in the winter.

Lines, Communication

  • The conductors and their supporting or containing structures which are used for public or private signal or communication service, and which operate at potentials not exceeding 400 volts to ground or 750 volts between any two points of the circuit, and the transmitted power of which does not exceed 150 watts. If the lines are operating at less than 150 volts, no limit is placed on the transmitted power of the system. Under certain conditions, communication cables may include communication circuits exceeding these limitations where such circuits are also used to supply power solely to communication equipment.
    • Note: Telephone, telegraph, railroad signal, data, clock, fire, police alarm, cable television, and other systems conforming to this definition are included. Lines used for signaling purposes, but not included under this definition, are considered as electric supply lines of the same voltage.

Line-commutated inverter

  • An inverter that is tied to a power grid or line.
    • The commutation of power (conversion from DC to AC) is controlled by the power line, so that, if there is a failure in the power grid, the Photovoltaic system cannot feed power into the line.


  • Equipment or materials included in a list published by an organization acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction and concerned with product evaluation, that maintains periodic inspection of production of listed equipment or materials, and whose listing states either that the equipment or material meets appropriate designated standards or has been tested and found suitable for use in specified manner.


  • Anything in an electrical circuit that, when the circuit is turned on, draws power from that circuit.

Lobster Claw

  • an adjustable insulator fork.

Location, damp

  • A location subject to moderate amount of moisture such as some basements, barns, cold storage, warehouse and the like.

Location, dry

  • A location not normally subject to dampness or wetness: a location classified as dry may be temporarily subject to dampness or wetness, as in case of a building under construction.

Location, wet

  • A location subject to saturation with water or other liquids.

Low-enriched uranium

  • Uranium enriched to less than 20% U-235. (That in power reactors is usually 3.5: 5.0% U-235.)

Lower Flammable Limit

  • LFL
  • The lowest concentration of material that will propagate a flame from an ignition source through a mixture of flammable gas or combustible dust dispersion with a gaseous oxidizer.

Luff Blocks

  • small set of rope blocks.

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