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We are currently setting up Hometown's using ZIPcodes.

  • If we simply used Cities, we would leave out those living in the country.
    • You can and should still create City pages.
      • and County and State pages...
  • To see if your ZIPcode page is already set up...
    • http://jabi.com/XXXXX where XXXXX is your ZIPcode.


  • This creates a very basic page.
    • Too see examples of the page you will create...
  • Feel free to edit the page that is created.
    • You will see areas you should not change.
      • We will be adding additional info to the basic page area.
  • The pages will automatically update with that info as it becomes available.
    • The editing you have done will not be affected.


Thanks for your help!

  • NOTE: You must first be Logged in.
    • To Log in you must be Registered
      • It's totally FREE for a limited time, so why not?!?!?

Let's do it...

If you are not logged in you will see "You do not have permission to insert an item"

  • If you are logged in you will see the form asking for the ZIPcode.

You do not have permission to insert an item

Visit your new page. http://jabi.com/XXXXX where XXXXX is the ZIPcode.

NOTE: Since you created the page...

  • We assume you are the first Virtual Front Porch member living in that ZIPcode.
    • We automatically set you up as the Big Kahuna!
      • You could think of that as Mayor, or leader, or promoter, or whatever you want.
  • At some point we will setup a system where you can pass this priviledge along to someone else if you want to.
    • We will also probably set it up so others can challenge you for the position.
      • And create a system for Kahunas (citizens) to vote for the Big Kahuna.
  • You can do as little or as much as you would like.
    • Add any info you want for your area.

Big Kahunas Discussion Forum

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