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The Virtual Front Porch

When I (WizarDave) first saw the Internet back in '95,

People used to gather on the front porch

  • sharing stories with family and friends
    • passing down knowledge from generation to generation.

But people became scattered

  • making it difficult to gather on a front porch.
    • The Internet was a way for scattered people to gather
      • A Virtual Front Porch.

How it used to be

The Internet circa mid 90's...

We put together a site,

  • found some good chat programs.
    • Started connecting people to people
      • Anyone remember PowWow?

We tinkered a bit with World's Easiest Home Page WEHP

  • Basic page for non-programmers to have a WWW page
    • but some other sites came along that went viral
      • MySpace

Email connected people to people.

  • It was FREE
    • send letters to one or all of your family
      • Create mailing lists
  • Does anyone still communicate with email?
    • 99.9% of my email is commercial or trade connected.
      • I very seldom get an email from a friend or family.

We put up a Bulletin Board on JESUSaves

  • and it really took off.
    • People from all over the world
      • Sharing information about being a Christian.
    • Some really great fellowship
  • and learning about other denominations.

We got several million page views

  • 3-5,000 unique visitors a day

As with all things,

  • The old gets replaced with the new.
    • Myspace lost out to
      • Facebook

Kind of like Wikipedia

  • wiki means very fast in Hawaiian
    • Web based wikis (like this site) are people working together to build a knowledge base.
  • Everytime you help create or edit a page
    • you make this a better source of information.
      • For you, your friends, your family
    • and the world...
  • Help make the world a better place!

Fed Up With Facebook

  • Some people are setting up groups to share information on Facebook.
    • What a lousy way to share information!!!
  • About the only place it shines is for people to share a photo and ask does anyone know what this is? Is it safe to eat...
    • But next week someone else will post the same pic and ask the same question.

A Better Way

Create a wiki page.

  • You can include
    • your personal Common Sense
    • YouTube videos
    • Links to other sites
    • Pictures

You can even structure several pages into a small ebook.

You can have

Create your My Hometown page.

Share information about your hometown!

You can see if it already exists:

  • http://jabi.com/XXXXX where XXXXX is your ZIPcode.

You do not have permission to insert an item

See an Example My Hometown page 64673

Be part of this great experiment.

  • Become a member today
    • It's free for a limited time.
      • Probably around the first of the year we will start charging $1 / year.
      • ($20/year for businesses)

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