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Hi all Alex Jones fans,

I'm WizarDave.

  • Owner and webmaster of this web site.
    • I've dedicated a lot of effort to building this site.
      • It's only a framework of what can be.

I invite you to explore what is here.

  • Knowledge is power
    • Sharing knowledge is revolutionary
      • After all, there is a war on for your mind.
    • And your family's minds...
  • And your friend's minds...

Some pages you should check out.
The Virtual Front Porch

The Virtual Soapbox
If you are a Christian,

The above areas have been the framework for this website, since 1995.

We are Kind of Like Wikipedia

  • But instead of quoting books, we let you share your knowledge.
    • Everyone's an expert at something.
  • Share your knowledge in a much more relaxed atmosphere.
    • Or share someone else's knowledge by sharing their youtube...
      • Go ahead and try to put an Alex Jones' video on Wikipedia.
      • I don't think you can...
    • But, we have many of his full length documentaries
  • We have his daily shows and special reports.

I came up with a pretty basic activism activity,

  • It should be noted on every Wikipedia page of each member of the CFR, that they belong to this group.
  • Guess what, it lists the fact that he is a member of the CFR.

We are Fed Up With Facebook

  • but it is the #1 tool people use to stay connected.
    • Let's use it against "them."
  • Ever see a story in your newsfeed about McCain or some other Neocon?
  • How about a page telling about
  • anything else...?
    • if we don't have a page yet, create one.
      • Let other's help make it the best page about your subject
  • Invite others to comment to posts by using your new page anytime they see something on Facebook.

Correlating the Facts

Are you like me?

  • Overwhelmed with all the information in this war?
    • Help us correlate all the info.

We need volunteers to:

We also need similar pages for

  • the Nightly News
  • Special Reports
  • Each reporter

Will you help us win the Infowar?

jabi - Alex Jones Ideas

  • jabi.com was my original web site.
    • It stands for Just Another Bright Idea
      • Pronounced jab eye

You are invited to add your ideas to that page.

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